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Northern Wu Taijiquan Research Institute

The Northern Wu Taijiquan Research Institute is dedicated to the study of human health, longevity and spiritual development through the practice of traditional Northern Wu Style Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese medicine. In this section, you will find articles relevant to the correct practice of Northern Wu taijiquan. New articles will be added continuously, so check back often.

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•    Director (China) - Liu Chang Jiang (Credentials)
•    Director (USA) - David F. Dolbear (Credentials)

Board Members (China)

•    Prof. Liu Xinqi
•    Prof. Jian Qihua
•    Duan Xinhua
•    You Shaosheng, PhD
•    Bei Yanjing, MA

Board Members (USA)

•    Gary Galvin
•    Laurence Stern
•    Stephanie A.H. Divo, PhD

•    William Banick

For articles about The Institute, click from the list below:

1 A Simple Introduction to Taijiquan by Liu Changjiang
2 Finding your way
3 An Introduction to Antique Chinese Swords of the Qing Dynasty Period
4 The Benefits of Correct Skeletal Alignment for the Contemplation of Internal Feeling in Taijiquan By Liu Changjiang
5 Northern Wu style Taijiquan Basic Stance Requirements
6 Internal Kaihe (Opening and Closing) By David F. Dolbear

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